Diversity + Inclusion Starter Kit for SMEs

Diversity + Inclusion is for everyone!

Whether you are a large corporation with thousands of employees or an SME with between 5 and 250 employees, Diversity + Inclusion is everyone’s responsibility. And SMEs can even have the upper hand when it comes to starting their D+I journey: company culture in startups promotes openness and communication from the get-go as it is essential for its survival.


Here at Your D+I, we want to be able to support Small and Medium-sized Enterprises and have come up with the cleverly-named Your D+I Starter Kit. (Okay, so it’s not that clever, but it does exactly what it says on the tin!) If you would like to learn more about how the kit works, download our information pack below!

SME Diversity + Inclusion Starter Kit

Three Convenient Phases

Phase 1

Diversity + Inclusion policy written with your business in mind

Staff questionnaire on staff consensus on Diversity + Inclusion

Beginner's guide to Diversity + Inclusion

Roadmap to start and continue Diversity + Inclusion in your business, including activities, calendar, etc.

Accountability from Your D+I throughout Phase 1

Meeting with Your D+I after two months to discuss Phase 2

Phase 2

Questionnaire results will highlight areas in need of focus

Assessment of marketing and social strategies to improve inclusion

Development of Diversity + Inclusion resource group with the first three session chaired by Your D+I

Establishment of framework for Diversity + Inclusion activities through resource group

On demand unconscious bias training for 20 delegates (additional delegates can be added for a fee per head)

Factsheets on unconscious bias, appropriate language and protected characteristics for all team members

Phase 3

Assessment of recruitment and onboarding processes

Recruitment and onboarding checklist and tips bespoke to your business

Diversity + Inclusion roadmap for next steps

Accountability from Your D+I for life

We believe that Diversity + Inclusion is for all business – regardless of budget restraints. That’s why we have set up a payment plan in which you can pay for one stage at a time. For more information on the Your D+I Starter Kit or anything else, message us to set up a virtual cuppa. We will be happy to talk you through the next steps!


Or you can fill out the form below to download a pack with more information about the SME Starter Kit now!

Download the SME Starter Kit Information Pack

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