Diversity and Inclusion Audits

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Our audits provide a bespoke service to help you improve your diversity and inclusion

Our Diversity and Inclusion Audits can be customised to suit your company. Get in touch to let us know what you'd like out of your audit!

Our Diversity + Inclusion Audits Include:

Diversity + Inclusion Audit Overview

Our Audits are designed to provide your business with a better understanding of your current Diversity + Inclusion practices. We provide a full report of findings and offer recommendations that can be made to help you become a more diverse and inclusive employer.

The audit includes qualitative and quantitative employee surveys and senior management surveys. We then provide a diversity and inclusion plan specific to your business and can provide a bespoke training plan to address any areas identified within your audit.  

Our audits provide an impartial overview of your current practices and give your team a voice on what would help both them and the company be more creative and innovative. Diverse thinking leads to more productivity and a broader range of ideas being heard. Creating a workplace that is inclusive and has a sense of belonging will also create better financial returns with a reduction in recruitment costs – not to mention the benefits to your team’s wellness.

Mix + Match Audits

We know that for some businesses, a full audit isn’t always necessary. That’s why we offer a Mix + Match system where you can choose aspects of the audit that best suit your current needs.

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How Do Our Audits Work?

During your audit, we will assess your efficiency in a number of areas. These include an analysis of how diversity and inclusion is embedded into your company culture. We’ll also look at your company policies and procedures related to diversity and inclusion from recruitment to internal communications. Throughout the process, we will score your current efforts to detect which areas need improvement.


At the end of our assessment, we will provide you with a full D+I report with suggestions on helping you create a more diverse and inclusive workplace. The data found in the report will allow us to support you in creating a diversity and inclusion strategy that will include recommendations for future learning and development, creation of resource groups and policy changes.

Did know?

We offer an affordable SME Starter Kit for businesses that want to improve their diversity and inclusion but have a limited budget. Click below to learn more now!

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