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Free diversity and inclusion resources

Whether you’re brand new to diversity and inclusion or you just want to refresh your knowledge on a certain D+I topic, our free Diversity and Inclusion Resources Hub can help you get started. From analysing your job adverts for gendered language to reading up on LGBT+ terminology, we’ve got it all! And, if you’ve got any questions for us, just say hey! We’d be happy to help you out.


We provide a great selection of useful diversity and inclusion tools - from our Gender Decoder for job ads to our D+I calendar to help you stay up to date.


Our downloadable documents allow you to view our resources in a way that is convenient to you - feel free to read on screen or even print!


We have recently added video resources to our repertoire at Your D+I. You can now learn all about diversity and inclusion topics in our fun videos!

Did know?

We offer an affordable SME Starter Kit for businesses that want to improve their diversity and inclusion but have a limited budget. Click below to learn more now!

D+I Tools

These useful tools can help your business embrace diversity and inclusion

Gender Decoder

Gender Decoder

Try out the job advert gender decoder now! By identifying any masculine and feminine words used, it can help you make your job adverts more accessible.
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D+I Calendar

D+I Calendar

Keeping up to date on diversity and inclusion can be a challenge, but it just got a whole lot easier! Our calendar keeps you informed of key D+I dates.
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D+I Assessment

D+I Assessment

It can be tricky to understand exactly how your business is doing regarding diversity and inclusion. Our Diversity and Inclusion Assessment scores and gives feedback on your current D+I.
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These handy downloadable documents on D+I topics can also be printed

A Guide to Disability Pride Download

This download is a guide for businesses on celebrating Disability Pride Month or disabled individuals at any time of the year. It includes suggestions of fun activities that celebrate the disability community as well as ways your business can avoid being performative.

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A Guide to Pride Download

This download is a guide for businesses on celebrating LGBT+ Pride Month or LGBT+ individuals at any time of the year. It includes suggestions of fun activities that celebrate the LGBT+ community as well as ways your business can avoid taking part in rainbow-washing.

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Diversity + Inclusion Resources Title Header

Diversity + Inclusion Resources Download

This download is a collection of our Diversity + Inclusion blog posts on a variety of topics, such as LGBT+ terminology, in a convenient format perfect for businesses who are beginning their D+I journey and want a ‘one-stop shop’ resource to get them started.

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Our video resources provide a fun, alternative method of learning

Have you

Our Diversitea Podcast, in which our founder spills the tea on all things diversity and inclusion, is available on Spotify, Apple Podcasts, Anchor, Google Podcasts and more!

If we’re talking about free diversity and inclusion resources, we can’t forget the Your D+I blog! Our blog is where we keep you updated and informed on many D+I topics. Check out some of the categories we write on below:

LGBT+ Posts

Click above to read our blogs all
about LGBT+ topics!

Disability &
Neurodiversity Posts

Click above to read our blogs on
disability & neurodiversity topics!

Beginner's Posts

Click above to read our blogs
written for beginners to D+I!

Why do we provide free diversity and inclusion resources?

We want to spread diversity and inclusion as widely as we can and make it as accessible as possible. Take a look at our key beliefs below to find out more:


Providing a space where everyone feels they belong regardless of background, race, identity, gender, sexual orientation or age.


Helping to create change through improving our knowledge of the world around us, making it a more equal place for everyone.


Improve consciousness of the types of diversity already within organisations and beyond, putting diversity and inclusion into practice.

Socially Conscious

Your D+I's free diversity and inclusion resource hub to help support your business, including useful tools, handy downloads and fun videos.

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