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Make sure your Diversity + Inclusion strategies include all the key dates in 2021

Keeping up to date on Diversity + Inclusion can be a challenge, but it just got a whole lot easier

Diversity + Inclusion is a commitment, and that means consistently working towards improving your own D+I. A great way to do this is keeping up to date on current D+I topics and areas of importance. That's why we've created a Diversity + Inclusion calendar for 2021. Let's make it a better year!

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Each month, we’ll send you our newest calendar with all the biggest Diversity + Inclusion events your company should be aware of. Not only that, but we’ll sometimes slip in some tips for making the most of these dates.


We’ll be releasing our new D+I calendar on a monthly basis. This way, we can ensure our calendars are up-to-date with current topics and events. We all know that D+I is an area of constant change, so we want to give you the latest and greatest in our calendars.


If you’d like to recieve our Diversity + Inclusion calendar, simply fill out the form below. We’ll send you the newest calendar each month. Our calendar is available for anyone, so feel free to share this page with colleagues and friends.

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