Big on Community

Here at Your D+I, we are big on community, which is why we have chosen to partner with dinc. The dinc. community is a free to use, Diversity + Inclusion social and professional networking app. The community was created to inspire cross-industry collaboration and engagement.  

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Centred around networks, resources and a jobsboard, it offers users a safe place to be their authentic selves, learn and discover opportunities to grow. With public feeds supporting several themes, news & blogs, videos, podcasts & regular live streams, dinc. is a hub of all things D+I. Stay tuned for the launch of the ‘Your Future’ jobs board brought to you by Your D+I, dinc. and Inclusive Futures!

We are dinc.

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“dinc. was created to embrace individuality and uniqueness, connect people and businesses, encourage collaboration and equip you with knowledge and understanding.

We aim to enhance the lives of our users and their communities by targeting improved representation, calling out inequalities and prejudice and providing valuable connections and opportunities. We want to build people up and provide the tools they need to break down barriers and smash ceilings. Diversity + Inclusion makes a profound impact to your business and life within it.

In partnering with us, you are committing to a culture of inclusiveness and supporting positive diversity. Create a sense of belonging and inspire your workforce to be pioneers of change through our unique and fully bespoke offering.”

Your own dinc. network

In the information age, time is everything. Internal communications
sent through traditional means can often be missed or overlooked
during the busy working day. For your business, we can create a
fully bespoke, private network within the dinc. community app.
Your employees will engage at their convenience, and it offers a far better way to communicate with them. Equip your workforce
with knowledge and understanding of D+I and how it fits in with
your business’s culture.

dinc. Feeds

Your business’s Feed is its communication hub. Post news about your business’s latest D+I initiatives and upcoming events, spark meaningful conversations or run competitions. This is your way to engage with your employees, and doing so will create a sense of openness and unity. For larger businesses or businesses with several internal networks, we can create multiple feeds to cater to your workforce’s needs in the most effective way.

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dinc. Speakers

Through their partnership with Champions, The Speakers Agency, dinc. are able to offer some of the world’s most influential speakers, sectorspecific specialists, event hosts and corporate entertainment.

“By identifying the specifications of your event, we ensure our speakers champion the core values of your brand. Our team go above and beyond to make every event a success. Offering keynote, motivational and after-dinner speakers, as well as awards hosts and entertainment suited to all briefs and budgets, you can be sure that your talent rings true to the essence of your event. Extending a helping hand in your quest to inspire and entertain, we help clients convey their message emphatically.”

When booked for corporate events, these speakers enlighten audiences on the correct terms to use, the labels not to use and the power of diversity. D+I speakers can provide everything from keynote speeches to tailored workshops, addressing the areas of your company where inclusion must improve. The world of business is growing in terms of diversity – and rightly so. Many executive boards have all been of the same race, gender and sexuality for too long. Now, inclusion speakers are building a bridge for marginalised professionals.

When you make space for diversity in your workplace, you are allowing for new, innovative ideas that will set your company on a path to market leadership. Black motivational speakers, LGBT+ speakers and disability speakers have dedicated their lives to levelling the playing field. In particular, cultural diversity speakers are paving the way for people of colour in business. These speakers will ignite team cohesion within your diverse workplace and improve interpersonal relationships. Spreading a message of hope, change and understanding, diversity and inclusion speakers capture the importance of embracing our differences.


For even more free resources on Diversity + Inclusion topics, including useful tools and fun videos, check out our new Resource Hub now!